Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can help us support  the amazing work being done at the Majengo Children's Home. For more information or help on any of the ideas below or to discuss another idea email majengo@wildgoatscafe.com.

AS AN INDIVIDUAL:  The world is made up of nothing but individuals.  The idea that one person can't make a difference is ridiculous.  The truth is the only thing that can make a difference is one person.

  • Make a Difference Monday:  Perhaps the easiest way to help is by join us every Monday Night for Make a Difference Monday, but if you are here reading this we suppose you are probably already doing that.
  • Make a Donation:  All of the work being done on behalf of the children is entirely dependent on the generous support of people just like you.  Every donation makes a difference no matter how large or small.   There are several easy ways to donate.  You can use the click the Donate now icon at the bottom of your screen or follow the link to donate which appears when you hover over the word Majengo in the navigation bar.  You can also donate in person at Wild Goats Cafe, finally you can mail a check to the Warren Majengo Foundation 218 Liberty Street, Warren, PA 16365.
  • Sponsor a Child:   $970 a year can provide all of the basic needs for a specific child, and only $555 will pay for a child's education
  • Social Media:  Social Media is an amazing way to get the message out.  Taking just a few minutes to post your support of our work can bring our message to all of your friends so that they can join as well.    Majengo's Children Home Facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/majengokids/.  Like it, post links to our pages here.  Tell your friends every week you will coming for dinner on Monday.
  • Donation Boxes:  A single donation box in a business can generate between $100 and $400 per year.  If you know a local business owner, or have a favorite spot you frequent, getting the management to place a donation box can have a tremendous impact.  Taking the time to find a home for and maintain five donation boxes can easily equal the full support for a child.  Majengo will supply the boxes and be more than happy to help you with anything you need to succeed. 
  • Fundraisers & Sponsorship Drives:  In many cases a sponsorship can financially too much for an individual to handle alone, but that shouldn't stop you from trying to make a difference by supporting a child.  If you can find twenty friends, relatives, or colleagues who are willing to commit just 50 cents a week ($26 a year) and you pitch in the same amount yourself, you can cover the education of a child for a year.  Who can't afford 50 cents a week.   


  • Student Organizations:  Student groups are powerful agents of change and good.  Whether it is a club, Greek organization, sports team, student council or other group, mustering the organization and manpower of a student organization can have a tremendous impact.  Groups can hold fund raisers, host informational events, place and maintain donation boxes, or even sponsor a child.  For more information on how to get your group involved you can email Majengo@wildgoatscafe.com
  • As a School:  Just like an an organization, entire schools can get involved.  The children at Majengo Children's Home aren't really any different than you or the other kids at your school. Rallying your entire school as an entity to sponsor a child's needs or education can help you and your classmates get a better understanding of the larger world while at the same time ensuring another student halfway around the world enjoys many of the things we may take for granted.


  • Anything that an individual can do a family can accomplish as well.  By sharing such an experience with your children you can help them develop a larger world view and an appreciation for many things they may take for granted.  If your family would like to sponsor a child, Majengo will work with you to find a good fit even matching ages and in some cases interests of your own children. 


  • Place a Donation Box
  • Start a employee donation program:  Even the smallest contributions by employees of small businesses can make a great impact.  A company with 20 employees who each donate a dollar from their bi-weekly pay can fund the education of child.  A dollar every two weeks is equal to less than 4 minutes worth of pay a week for a minimum wage employee.
  • Host a fundraiser:  Whether it be a program like make a difference Monday, designating a week or month to ask each of your customers if they would  like to make a small donation, or throwing a fund raising event for staff can generate both donations and goodwill for your business.

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