In January 2008, Majengo community leaders housed 52 orphans in a dark, mud floored room with one volunteer teacher and a few neighboring women to care for them.

Months later, Tanzania's Institute of Cultural Affairs' (ICA) Charles Luoga brought volunteer Lynn Connell to visit, resulting in her raising $23,000, through family and friends, to renovate a rental home nearby and relocate the children.

A year later, Matt McKissock joined the effort launching Warren Majengo Foundation in the U.S. to generously support the Majengo Children's Home operating costs.

Majengo Children's Home officially opened in March, 2009 with 55 children and 12 local staff members.

A year later the government closed five local orphanages and transferred 67 more  children to Majengo Children's Home, declaring Majengo the only officially recognized facility in the entire district.

Today Majengo Children's home supports 165 children.

Today Majengo Children's Home operates from a multi building facility including common areas, dormitories, land for farming, a playground and athletic fields.

The Majengo Story

Majengo Children's home is owned the Majengo District Village Government to ensure a strong connection to the community and the ICA is responsible for its ongoing operation and staffing.

100% of the financial support for Majengo Children's Home is provided by overseas donors: Majengo Canada and the Warren Majengo Foundation in the United States.

Since its inception in 2009, Matt McKissock, and the other passionate individuals who followed, have spread the Warren Majengo Foundation from its small pocket of support in Warren PA, to grass roots groups scattered across the country led by dedicated volunteers.

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