Meet Bushoke

Bushoke is the child we directly sponsor through the restaurant.  The restaurant has taken personal responsibility for providing Bushoke's basic needs.  The first  $979 we raise each year goes directly to supporting him.

Bushoke is 9 years old and in Primary 1st school with many of his best friends.  He likes to study Math and English, and performs well in both subjects.

He came to the Majengo Children's Home in 2010 when he was only four years old.   He is an outgoing, healthy and charming boy who loves to swim and read.  He loves caring for the goats and puppies at the children home.  In the future he would like to travel the Serengeit and work on the Safari so that he can see all of the different animals.

When he grows up Bushoke wants to be a Safari tour driver, which would be a natural fit combining his love of animals while making use of his limitless charm, that is unless he has the opportunity to go to Brazil and play soccer.

The rest of the Majengo Childrem

There are currently 164 children in addition to Bushoke who are supported by the Majengo Children's Home, many of whom still needs sponsors.  As we continue to raise more money, we will take on other children and share their stories as well.   $979 a year will cover the basic needs of a child housed at Majengo, and $555 will cover education for student.  In 2018 it is our goal for restaurant to raise $5000 which would cover the basic needs of an additional four children, so hopefully, soon, we will have the opportunity to share more stories.

If you, your family, or your organization is interested in joining our efforts by sponsoring a child independently please email us at and we would be more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with the information necessary to help transform the life a child.

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