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Make a Difference Monday

On five out of the six nights we serve dinner we make a point of going out of our way to give back to our customers by offering the best discounts and specials you can find anywhere.  We like you guys, and we like a full dining room. 

On Monday Nights we do something a little different.  Instead of giving to our customers we try to give back to the greater world.  Every Monday night from 3:00 PM until we close our doors, we take 15% of our sales and donate them directly to Majengo Children's Home in Tanzania.  

Since 2008 this organization has taken it upon itself to ensure that the orphaned and underprivileged children of this region have not only their basics needs such as clothing food and shelter met, but that they also have the other things that every child should be entitled to posses.  They strive everyday to make sure that each child in their care has a sense of security, community, family, and home.  They make sure that the children receive an education.  Finally, they attempt to instill in the kids a sense of possibility and hope for the future, an understanding that they can go on to universities and chase dreams for their future limited only by their aptitude and work ethic, not by the often tragic situation of the childhoods they were born into beyond their control.

It is our hope, and sincere belief, that  that the support we provide this organization can not only transform the life of  the child who we support directly, but also the fortune and future of the region, country, and ultimately the world as a whole.  Even if we falls short of such grand goals and only impact that one child, we still succeed.

In 2017

we raised $2381.97 !

Stop in next Monday night to help ensure

that we raise even more in 2018.