The Majengo Children's Home in Tanzania  houses and/or supports 165 children in a rural region near the Serengeti.  It provides not only a roof, food, clothing, and education for these children, but also a sense of security, family, community, and perhaps most importantly a sense of hope and potential for the future.  

Although the facility is owned by the regional community and run by a local NGO (charity), 100% of its financial support comes from two charities in North America: Majengo Canada and the Warren Majengo Foundation in the US. 

Like many countries in this region, Tanzania was hit hard by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.  This, combined with other factors, resulted in large number of local children being left orphaned and in poverty.  Just a decade ago these children had almost no place to turn.  Today the tide is turning, both in the fight against HIV/AIDS and also the outlook for the young people whose lives were decimated by its impact.   The continued progress in the fight for these children is entirely dependent on the support and generosity of people like us.

Here at the Wild Goats, we believe that all children, regardless of where they live or what circumstances they were born into, deserve the opportunity to realize their potential on a course of their own choosing limited only by their aptitude, work ethic, and ambition.  We believe that the Majengo Children's Home provides exactly that opportunity for 165 children who otherwise would almost certainly be denied it. 

If you agree, we ask that you join us in this fight by joining us for dinner every Monday night for Make a Difference Mondaywhen we give 15% of all sales directly to the Warren Majengo Foundation.  There are many ways to help though.  Simply click on any of the images below to learn more. 

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