(330) 677-2326

319 W. Main Street Kent, Ohio

Monday-Saturday 7:00am-8:30pm  Sunday 8:00am-2:30pm

Local Dine-In and Carry-Out

Redemption Prize List:

Goat Fest Sticker: 1pt
Misc Candy: 2 pt
Bonus Goat Fest Raffle Entry: 3 pts
Regulars Rock Tuit: 4 pts
Free Coffee Tuit: 5 pts
Free Scoop of ice cream Tuit: 8 pts
Goat Fest Mug: 8 pts
Free Kid's meal vouher: 10 pts
Goat Fest Frisbee: 12 pts
Wild Goats T-shirt: 15 pts
Free Dessert Voucher: 15 pts
Goat Fest Playing Cards: 20 pts
Wild Goats Hat: 25 pts
Free Meal Voucher: 25 pts
Fee Ridiculousness Voucher: 35 pts
Wild Goats Bowling Shirt: 50 pts
All prizes subject to limited availability

Game List:


Spill the Milk

Gone Fishing

The Prize Wheel

Balloon Dart Pop

Ring Toss

Giant Card Draw

Giant Dice Roll

Giant Pong

September 15 4pm-9pm

Carnival Games
$1 Hotdogs
$1 Sodas
$1 Scoops of ice cream