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Biscuit & Bagel

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The Story of Biscuit & Bagel:

Once or twice upon a time (it’s hard to keep track these days), there were two wild goats named Biscuit and Bagel. Biscuit was the older goat, and she was very curious and very smart because she was very curious; she liked to read books (and sometimes eat them, because goats are very hungry creatures) and climb anything possible. Bagel was the younger goat, and he was a very social goat who loved meeting new friends, and he could see and smell especially well, even better than the average goat; he didn’t like to read as much, but he loved to chat!

Now, these two wild goats were cousins and they were originally from the land of Ethiopia, where coffee was discovered, and they used to eat the coffee beans and jump about like crazy animals with the rest of their silly family. One day while browsing the Internet, the two of them discovered that there was a place across the world called Wild Goats! This sounded like a magical place, and they decided that they’d like to see such a place, so one day they told their family that they were going to the Land of Wild Goats and set off for Kent, Ohio.

When they got there, they discovered that Wild Goats was a restaurant! This pleased them, and when they ate their first meal and drank their first cup of coffee at Wild Goats, the food tasted so much better than the grass they were used to eating, and the warm coffee beverage was so much tastier than the coffee beans they used to eat! They were convinced they were in a food paradise and began eating every meal of the day at Wild Goats and playing out in the lawn in between meals. At night, they would curl up in the bushes and sleep, anxiously awaiting breakfast as soon as the restaurant opened!

Biscuit and Bagel became like family to the people who worked at Wild Goats and to the other guests who visited the restaurant. Practically any time someone went to Wild Goats, they were sure to see Biscuit and Bagel sitting in a booth grazing on their food, or out in the yard, hopping about from all the coffee they drank! They became so well-loved that Wild Goats decided to make stories about their lives and share them with the world!


Biscuit & Bagel Comic Strip Criteria

Submitted comic strips may be in color or black and white and can feature any style of art, so long as the content is recognizable and appropriate. Dimensions for strips should be 6.5” wide by 2” tall.

  • Content must be appropriate for family-friendly audience.
  • Language used must be appropriate for family-friendly audience.
  • No political or religious commentary or satire that may be considered as partisan.
  • No sexual references or innuendos may be mentioned.
  • Biscuit & Bagel’s narrative cannot be drastically altered or changed.
  • Plagiarized content or use of any brands besides Wild Goats and affiliated vendors may not be mentioned.
  • Strips that include a moral or motif symbolic to our restaurant’s core beliefs and operating principles will receive priority placement!

Trust ~ Joy ~ Teamwork & Cooperation ~ Honest & Open Communication ~ Respect ~ Hospitality ~ A Sincere Desire to Improve ~ A Sincere Desire for Others to Succeed ~ Work Ethic ~ Facilitation & Empowerment


Submissions should be sent by e-mail to mgmt@wildgoatscafe.com. Or depictions can be hand delivered to a manager and scanned in the Wild Goats office. Thank you all who decide to participate, I hope you have fun working on the comics and I’m sure our guests will love them!